Saturday, April 18, 2009

Morgan: Day 2

Morgan slept happily through the night and most of the second day at the hospital. Mid-morning, the doc suggested that it was fine with him if I went home a day early and it didn't take much for me to think it was a great idea... the hospital is a tough place to rest.

Around 3pm Morgan was cleared to leave and so was I and we high-tailed it home.

(look how ready I am to get out of there!)

(Morgan: "Thought you people had done this before! I think this belt thing is a little tight")

Of course, the previous day's events and all the excitement was too much for me - and I promptly took a long nap upon getting home. Jason went out and filled my Rx for Motrin and took Nathan to dinner. I was equally happy for the pain meds and the food they brought me back.

Tonight baby Morgan is sleeping with a full tummy in his bassinet and it will be an early night for me and Jas as well... it is good to be home with my boys.

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