Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco do Mayo

The boys and I had a low-key day topped off with a low-key Cinco de Mayo celebration at the local Mexican restaurant. One of these days I will let someone take a picture of me, but right now I look like a steam-roller plowed me over. I have officially exited the 2-week baby honeymoon phase and entered the no-sleep-for-the-mama phase.

Good news is that all those midnight (and 2am, and 4am, and 6am...) mama-lattes has plumped the little dude up and he has officially grown out of a couple of the preemie outfits he was in. He isn't quite big enough for the newborn clothes yet though, so Morgan is sporting the casual, and teen-approved ridiculously-too-big-clothes look and the alternative "all I need is the diaper, since I live in the South and it is 80 degrees anyway" look. Ironic since the kid has clothes literally spilling out of the closet...

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