Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cousins on a boat and The family on vacation

This picture was taken abord a big sail boat we rode on the other day. I am pretty sure the guys who sailed the boat did not know what they were getting themsleves into when they agreed to having 3 infants and 2 year old and a 5 year old on board. There was a lot of climbing around, baby swapping, infant soothing, nursing, drink fetching, and a ton of photography. This was probably the one time all 5 cousins were generally content.

This next one is of the three babies. Ella, Morgan, and Xander. They were never all happy at the same time - so we abandoned this idea of having them photographed in the grass with their matching shirts....

This is one of Jason, Jake and George with the little ones as we walked back from the beach this morning. It was super hot and the guys were eager to get back to the AC in the house. There are a ton of great pics that Jake took of everyone on the beach, and hopefully I can get a few posted soon.
Check out Erin's blog for a couple more pictures.

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  1. Love the pictures. Looking forward to seeing more.


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