Thursday, August 27, 2009

Morgan's Check-up

Baby Morgan had his check up the other day... at 4 months he is 15lbs 1 oz, 25 3/4 " long and has a head circumference of 16 1/4" -- making him a solid 50%, 75%, 25% in the percentiles -- also meaning his is the tallest member of the male side of the family --at least when taking into account the age to height ratio. Go Big Mo!

Morgan also got shots at his check-up and then promptly slept the whole rest of the day and into the next, waking before lunch REALLY hungry, and probably several ounces lighter than the day before. A bit of baby Tylenol for a fever, some projectile yuckies and light snack and the kid was out again. We have not gotten our happy baby back yet, even tonight, the child is still quite sleepy and a bit grumpy, but the fever has broken and Jason has only changed shirts a few times today, so we are considering it a good day.

On other topics: I had my early morning BNI today, but then came back to the house to work with my friend Rob on some home improvement projects. I will post a couple pics of my "lighted nook" when it is finished -- but it is my new favorite feature of the house. Admittedly, I should have been working, but spackling and painting and cutting holes into walls was way more therapeutic, and I needed it.

Unfortunately, Rob will have to finish the big project on his own since I have an ALL day 8-5 seminar tomorrow and Saturday on Phonics....yippeee. (Which I am sure I will learn is spelled incorrectly tomorrow). Nate's school requires it of all parents since we are teaching to a "University Model" and ... well, I have gobs of work to do to learn phonics since it wasn't how I learned to spell, but hopefully the blocks will fall into place for me and perhaps increase my ability to convey my message without getting slowed up by pesky spelling questions. But even better, if I can give Nathan something that I did not have and make him a stronger student, better learner and more capable human being in the end, I will endure a couple long days and time away from my family.

Nathan loves school but has come home each day this week exhausted. Tomorrow is a day off since all parents and teachers are doing the phonics workshop. Nate needs it. School is going to be quite an adventure for all of us!


  1. Wow...this was a big week for everyone going back to school. Anna Claire and Bennett started MDO, Shane started school, and I had to go back to work (school). I'm exhausted too.

    How does the school require parents to attend an all day workshop on a "working" day? I think that is interesting...wish we could do it here.

  2. Morgan and Xander were exactly the same height as of 4 months! But of course Big Mo is alomst 2 lbs lighter than our little chunky boy and with a much smaller head! You can tell who's kid is whom's that's for sure! What fun though. Way to go Wiers!


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