Friday, October 16, 2009

Morgan is 6 months old!

Morgan is officially 6 months old tomorrow. He is celebrating this grand occasion with a bit of a cold, but he is generally a happy and healthy baby.
Morgan has also learned to sit and roll over - although he prefers to stand whenever possible. His daddy swears there is a tooth coming in... I am unconvinced it will sprout any time soon, myself, but he sure is drooling a lot--and he loves to nibble things, so maybe Jas is right! As for food, he likes squash, bananas, and peaches, but he is definitely not a fan of all.
Morgan loves baths. Any opportunity to splash and kick is a good one. Yesterday, I put the kids in together, and they both had a great time, although I was a little worried that they were having too much fun. I think they both forgot that Morgan is still little and unable to swim! I scrambled to take a few good pics while holding the slippery infant and trying to protect the young man's dignity. --I think I did ok.
Anyway...I don't think our Morgan will be little for long - he is growing like a weed and if Nathan weren't eating like a 14-year-old himself right now, I would be worried. I don't expect that Morgan will let the little 5 year age difference stop him from trying everything his big brother does. You can tell that he finds Nate the most fascinating person in the room, and the feeling is mutual. Nathan is already asking when they can have bunk beds...
Our Nathan is doing great in school, and we are very proud of him. He likes math especially and his story-telling and writing skills are improving dramatically.
We are blessed with two great boys! Every day is wonderful - and wonder-filled.
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