Friday, December 18, 2009

Nathan and Santa

Nathan went to see the big guy today. I believe a Nintendo DS was ordered up (check!). I have never seen him more excited! He was practically walking on air.

I am happy to report that Nathan used all his manners and was a perfect gentleman. No coal for my 6 year old today :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Letter: The year in review

Happy Holidays!

Since it is looking more and more unlikely that I will around to an actual Christmas letter -- I thought it was at least best to update the blog.

Let us see if I can remember the whole year...

The year started with a trip to Aruba...(gosh... I think that was in January!) a beautiful vacation with a very pregnant me - it was Amazing!

In February, my book, Confessions of an Introvert was published (again) and I did a bit of a virtual book tour, doing radio shows for stations across the country and Canada.

Four months later Morgan Jacob joined our family. He and his big brother Nathan are like 2 peas in a pod, and Nathan cannot wait until Morgan is a "talking and walking baby".

Soon after Morgan was born, Jason's company had a "reduction in force" which is a nice way of saying he was laid off. And so... Jason has been the primary caregiver to the kids since then--he is an awesome dad full of patience he must have acquired secretly along the way.

About that same time Nathan graduated from pre-school in a fabulous ceremony full of song and dance and construction-paper crafts. It was a proud moment.

....oh! To back up a little, on April 2 my sister Erin delivered a beautiful bouncing boy herself -- Xander. Who is the most delightfully happy baby I have ever met--and then to fast forward only a couple weeks, my sister Kate delivered her second daughter, Ella.--- Yes, a busy spring! Ella joins big sister McKenzie in the Kaufman clan. BEAUTIFUL girls!......and somewhere in there both Jess and my dad got degrees! Jess from Virginia Tech and Dad a graduate degree from University of Virginia. I am sketchy on the dates as I was having a baby... but I know it was in there!!

And so with babies birthed, and degress bestowed, we spent the summer getting ready for a wonderful wedding for my sister Jess to Shane Orr. It was quite the event in the mountains of Tennessee with family and food and festivities... and then bam! We turned around and went to Hilton Head for our annual/semi-annual Family vacation. Our beach house was alive with babies, diapers, big-kids (bigger kids) a newly-wedded couple with only a couple weeks of wedded bliss to speak of... and my very overwhelmed but cheerful parents. We played in the pool, ate marvelous meals, passed the babies around and took MANY naps... all of us!

And then sometime in there I ran a triathlon....

The Fall went very quickly with the boys growing up fast. Nathan started Kindergarten and is just amazing. I cannot say enough about how fabulous he is... smart, adorable, creative. I know I am biased, but the kid is awesome. And then there is mini-nate aka Morgan. Who while definitely his own person, is enamored with his big brother and can't get enough of him. The resemblance is there for sure, although our Morgan is a beefy kid and unlike his brother, has not ever had a problem cleaning his plate. To look at the pictures, Morgan at the same age as Nathan is much bigger kid.

Morgan is now 8 months old this coming week and doing his best impression of a "walking baby." He pulls himself up and cruises the furniture and just this weekend I realized I no longer can just put him down and expect he will sit still. The table tops, furniture and floor all need to be carefully monitored and it will not be long before my little angel is officially taking his first steps.

Morgan has sprouted his first two teeth -- the top front ones. He loves food and I can tell he is looking forward to putting those chompers to work. Of course, Nathan, not to be out-done has decided to start eating us out of house and home himself--I believe a growth spurt is imminent!

Jason and I are well -- happy and blissful in our mid-age parent-hood. We have a beautiful family and are blessed with wonderful friends. Our hope for 2010 is that Jason is able to find work, but in the mean-time he is doing an awesome job holding down the fort and I am grateful for his hard work.

We will be spending Christmas morning here in SC and then heading down to Florida to visit Jason's parents and brother. This year has gone super fast and as much as it has been a tough one, it has also, most definitely been our greatest as a family.

Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Happy New Year.

(& Jason, Nathan and Morgan)
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