Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 7

Tomorrow is Morgan's 1st week birth anniversary -- not sure what the traditional celebration is for such things, so we are going to go visit with Grammie X and then later with a few of the Guess ladies for dinner.

Below are some pics of the morning. Clearly I didn't get any work done at the "office."

It was a beautiful day

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tired? Us?

Here is a day 4 pic of Jason and Morgan. Clearly we have had a tiring couple of days. Morgan is doing his impression of Nathan at the same age in this picture, and Jason is doing his impression of a guy who hasn't slept since last Wednesday.
Today Morgan and I dropped Nathan off at school and then I showed Morgan how the Starbucks drive-thru works. That is important stuff--next week I will show him how to order inside, but since he is only 4 days old, I thought I would avoid exposing him to all those extra people...
Then we went to visit with Grandpa McParland (Grandma was away this morning), who took good care of us with a cup of tea and some toast and a quiet place to sit and rest. Well, really the toast and tea were for me, but when momma's happy.... anyway, Morgan enjoyed Grandpa's soothing voice and sure arms and mostly slept through the visit. Which is of note only since he didn't sleep through the night... but then, you probably already guessed that!
Then we went to the doctor who declared Morgan a healthy baby boy - albeit slightly jaundiced and short 8 oz from his birth weight. Again, no surprises.
We picked up Nate and headed home where I took 2 naps separated by a feeding while the boys played and watched tv and hopefully ate healthy food, although I can't be sure of that. At least everyone was still here and generally happy when I regained consciousness and that is all a new mom can ask for.
Jason and I decided to take the boys to dinner - thusly exposing Morgan to all those germs I was trying to avoid this morning - but by then we had been to the doctor's office and I figured the damage had been done. We had a nice meal outside as the sun set, which Morgan slept through, followed by grocery shopping, which Morgan slept through too. Jason and I now have experienced taking 2 kids through the grocery store -- another first amongst many to come. Nothing interesting to report there except that Nathan was a bit put-out because Morgan's car seat was put in "his seat" in the cart and he had to walk. I suppose we will need to work on that one since we spent a lot of time running the cart into Nate and losing him in the next aisle over... And that was with both of us there, so we will have to iron the shopping trip kinks out, but all in all we left with as many kids as we went in with, and we have milk and bread and bananas in the house, so life is good.
I would post more pics, but we are all looking a little ragged at this point. I will try to get Nathan and Morgan together, and maybe brush my hair and put on a clean shirt for some baby & mom photos too.... but don't hold your breath :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Morgan: Day 2

Morgan slept happily through the night and most of the second day at the hospital. Mid-morning, the doc suggested that it was fine with him if I went home a day early and it didn't take much for me to think it was a great idea... the hospital is a tough place to rest.

Around 3pm Morgan was cleared to leave and so was I and we high-tailed it home.

(look how ready I am to get out of there!)

(Morgan: "Thought you people had done this before! I think this belt thing is a little tight")

Of course, the previous day's events and all the excitement was too much for me - and I promptly took a long nap upon getting home. Jason went out and filled my Rx for Motrin and took Nathan to dinner. I was equally happy for the pain meds and the food they brought me back.

Tonight baby Morgan is sleeping with a full tummy in his bassinet and it will be an early night for me and Jas as well... it is good to be home with my boys.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Morgan Jacob Wier
7 lbs
21 inches long

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