Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Carolina Wiers.

This year we will be enjoying a rather quiet holiday at home full of yummy homemade food at mom and dad McParland's.

We are having a house full of Wiers at Christmas, so the next couple weeks will be spend preparing for Nathan's 7th birthday and then Christmas.

Nathan is doing wonderfully in 1st grade. He is in boy scouts and has started tap-dancing lessons. He spends the weekends playing in the woods and getting muddy with his neighborhood friends, and the evening reading or playing video games.

Morgan has all sorts of new tricks -- mostly involving moving chairs and climbing. He also loves art--he decorated my dishwasher yesterday with an escape crayon. He has a particular talent for mayhem.

Jason and I are doing well -- and enjoying our children. This is a wonderful time of year and we are grateful to be able to spend it together!

I have a new computer and as soon as I have a few minutes - I will post a bunch of new pictures. :)

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