Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 2011

It seems that I never update my blogs frequently enough. But while that it true, it doesn't mean I am not taking plenty of pictures! Here is a pic of the boys a couple months ago after getting haircuts. They are eating chocolate chip cookies on my couch which is not allowed, but they must have caught me in a weak moment.

Here is a super cute one of Nathan. It is pics like this that I want blown up and turned into posters and keychains and mugs to send to all the relatives. He is a handsome boy.
 And here is Morgan playing outside. Not my best photography -- - but he does enjoy playing with chalk outside. In fact... birthday idea: a box of chalk. It will be most appreciated!
 Nathan had a school dance last month. I am not sure what the theme was, but it was probably the most fun at a school dance that I ever had! The kids had a great time and it was a glimpse at the future... yikes.
 This one is probably a couple months old, but it was super cute and I didn't think I included it here yet. If so... well, it is cute enough for multiple submissions...
 Typical Mo on my counter enjoying my dismay at his latest climbing skill....
 And again... Mo up on the counter. Shocker. Note how he is rearranging the cupboards. Again.
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