Monday, April 25, 2011

Florida for Spring Break!

For Nathan's Spring Break, I took a week off of work and drove the 10+ hours to Tampa to see Jason's family. I was told I was crazy to drive the whole way with 2 kids alone. And I think I would have to agree. I am nuts! Snacks and toys and drinks and blankies.... oh my!

Luckily the drive down (starting at 2:30am!) went rather smoothly with my sleeping angels and my library-borrowed audio book. We arrived safely at 2:45 pm and were warmly welcomed by "PapPap" and Grandma Sue, who generously watched the boys while I took a much-needed nap!

Jason arrived the next day and we had a great time swimming and enjoying the super-hot weather of the sunshine state. I wish we could have spent more time together... maybe next weekend!

 Nathan had lots of homework to do over the break, and actually managed to get most of it done before the trip -- but the one thing he had to do was take "Flat Stanley" on his vacation and then write a story about his adventures. Flat Stanley is pictured above with artist and adventure-sherpa Nathan Wier.

Here is Nathan and Flat Stanley visiting Grandma Kathy and Grandpa.

 Here is Flat Stanley and Nathan at PapPaps and Grandma Sue's house.
 Here is Nathan watching TV with Flat Stanley -- Nathan had a bad stomach bug the whole trip and was resting up here....
 Flat Stanley walking the treadmill...
 Flat Stanley meets the Easter Bunny.
 Flat Stanley goes for a ride on a golf cart!
 Flat Stanley hangs on a park bench near PapPap & Grandma Sue's.
 F.S. climbing a tree...
 Flat Stanley doing laundry.
 F.S. and Nathan throwing horseshoes.
...and Flat Stanley taking time to smell the flowers.

Nate and I had such a fun time doing this little project and made him feel a little better while he was sick on vacation - the poor guy hardly complained, but I knew he was not doing well, and hardly ate. Anyway, Nathan also got to go to a movie with Uncle TJ while he was in Florida and had a great time! TJ is great with the kids and Nate adores him (it may have something to do with the fact that he spoils him... not sure!)

Morgan was a typical just-2-year-old during the trip and I am glad he is so cute--it should keep him out of too much trouble. He was into everything and generally off-schedule, but he too enjoyed lots of swimming and plenty of walks around the block to tire him out and get him out of the house, and most of  all much-needed time with his grandparents.

On Sunday the Easter Bunny got the message about the trip and left plenty (plenty!) of candy and toys for the kids. It was wonderful to see them so joyful and delighted with the eggs and baskets.

Jason headed back on Sunday around 4 and I packed the kids up a little bit later after a lovely neighborhood Easter dinner. We again drove through the night and had no issues. That is at least 'til we got home and Morgan decided that was the time to wake up... but we had a talk and I bribed him with a big cup of milk and cuddling in mommy's bed. That lasted, (thank goodness) until 9 or so when I was able to drag myself out of bed and help Nate finish his Flat Stanley story.

Nate went to school late and Morgan and I enjoyed a nice day on the patio and park, and it would have been a perfect day had Nathan not had a bad spill on his bike late in the day. But he managed not to break anything (thank goodness!) and just has a bruised ego and ribs and case of road rash. Minor really in the end, but a reminder that I have boys and it is almost summer and I better stock up on neosporin and band-aids.

So... my wonderful mom came over, talked me off the ledge, fed the kids and sent me out swimming with the ladies. It has been a rough couple days and certainly no vacation for me, but the boys needed to see their grandparents and it was overdue. Time passes too quickly, and all too soon my kids will be grown. I am so in love with them, and can't imagine life any differently. I do not want to regret not giving them the memories they deserve. So many kids aren't lucky enough to have close families. We are blessed to have both sets of grandparents in the kid's lives.

Tomorrow I get back to work, try to catch up and make some sense of schedules and clients and the house and the kids. Luckily, though, sleep will get to come first.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy. Morgan is two today...

We started the day off with doughnuts and a trip to the park. It was a lovely sunny day and so nice to start the day. Morgan loves to climb. And climb. And climb!

Later we packed up and went over to my parent's house to do some Easter-Egg hunting and cup-cake eating with my grandparents--followed by a kid-friendly hot-dog dinner. It was a ton of fun, and I hope that we didn't overwhelm anyone overly much (my boys can do that!)

This week we celebrate Morgan's birthday, potty-training, the stitches coming out, and a new-big-boy-bed. My little one did good - and accomplished a lot in just 7 days... I am so happy. And a new week with Pap-Pap & Grandma Sue is coming!

I have some fun pictures of the day -- and I will add those later

Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy Weekend and A Big Owwie.

The Wier's had a busy weekend! With Jason at his new job, and only home for the weekend, it seems as if we tried to pack a whole week of excitement into the weekend. I am not sure if that really happened, but it sure was busy. 

Mostly it was a Nathan weekend. On Saturday we went with his cub scout pack to see model airplanes (big models!) at the Charlotte Aeromodelers club. Fascinating to see all those fancy airplanes zooming overhead and doing tricks. 
 On Sunday Nathan had his pinewood derby event. His "Lightening McQueen" did very well -- Official results not in yet, but he made a serious showing.

After we had gotten Jason off to the airport and wrapped up the pinewood derby, I went home and got the kids ready for bed. After Mo's bath, he and I went downstairs, and he pulled a chair to the counter and fell off while I was in the bathroom. So the weekend ended with a literal "BANG" as he bit into his lip, chipped his teeth and needed immediate stitches!

After a rather traumatic trip to the ER, an emergency call to Grandma Kathy and 6 stitches (and then three more after he tore 3 out before we had to leave), Mo was back home safe. He slept next to me -- rather fitfully and kept asking for Daddy... poor thing. I wish Daddy had been there too!

But Big Mo woke up in the morning all bright and chipper - ready to play and climb and besides needing some dental work and having a snagily scar under his lip... he will be just fine!

It looks like Morgan's photo album for the year will be a collection of pictures of him climbing, and then the pictures of him suffering the consequences... luckily he is one tough cookie.

So.... busy weekend. I am glad it is Monday, and I am looking forward to next weekend when we get to celebrate Morgan's 2nd Birthday... that is if we make it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quick Update

Well, it has been a crazy week. Jason started his new job in Baltimore, and I have been sick. There was a wicked thunderstorm the other night that caused major traffic and angst yesterday and the whole town is behind on things today. What better time than to procrastinate the work-thing, and do a little blogging...

In Wier-land, all is well. Morgan's nanny Isabel is an absolute angel, and has been working to potty-train him. I have pointed out that he is not even 2 yet, but she is bound and determined to get him into "big-boy-pants" asap. Not that I blame her... but it may be a long haul. In other Morgan/Isabel related news: Morgan's spoken vocabulary is expanding and he is equally verbal in both English and Spanish -- although if you ask him to say "por favor" -- he looks at you and says "PLLLEEEZE!" -- which both means he is stubborn and completely understands. His other words include, "si," "hola," "gracias," "aqua," "la leche," and "queso," "la cabeza" and the expected "grandpa," "grandma," "mama," "dada," "bath," "juice," "cheese," "night-night," "play," "Nate," "ball," "bye-bye," "baby" and his favorite: "no"... and a bunch of others that are not really all that clear yet, so I am not sure they count. He talks A LOT - but I don't understand much of it. I just don't know if it is jibberish, or spanglish. He however seems to understand everything we tell him, responds to requests, sits in time out (a lot....), plays happily with his brother and eats just about anything en-masse. We are working on the words, and every day he figures something else out.

Nathan is growing like a weed himself. All his pants are too short and I have been letting it go since he will be in summer-shorts any day now and I hate to buy clothes when I know he will be out of them in just a week or so.

His report card for third quarter came back and he is doing quite well. He is reading above his grade level and seems to be great at science and engineering concepts and rocks his spelling tests each week too. He is taking on more responsibility at home and is now insisting that he make his own lunch for school. He is really getting into "popular culture" things and lamented the other day that that the "Black-Eyed Peas" won the Kid's Choice Awards instead of "Big Time Rush." oh my....

But, Nate is not growing up too fast either... he is very much looking forward to a visit to Florida for Easter and I had to assure him the Easter bunny will be informed -- he was worried. :)

My boys are good kids and I am so lucky...
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