Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy Weekend and A Big Owwie.

The Wier's had a busy weekend! With Jason at his new job, and only home for the weekend, it seems as if we tried to pack a whole week of excitement into the weekend. I am not sure if that really happened, but it sure was busy. 

Mostly it was a Nathan weekend. On Saturday we went with his cub scout pack to see model airplanes (big models!) at the Charlotte Aeromodelers club. Fascinating to see all those fancy airplanes zooming overhead and doing tricks. 
 On Sunday Nathan had his pinewood derby event. His "Lightening McQueen" did very well -- Official results not in yet, but he made a serious showing.

After we had gotten Jason off to the airport and wrapped up the pinewood derby, I went home and got the kids ready for bed. After Mo's bath, he and I went downstairs, and he pulled a chair to the counter and fell off while I was in the bathroom. So the weekend ended with a literal "BANG" as he bit into his lip, chipped his teeth and needed immediate stitches!

After a rather traumatic trip to the ER, an emergency call to Grandma Kathy and 6 stitches (and then three more after he tore 3 out before we had to leave), Mo was back home safe. He slept next to me -- rather fitfully and kept asking for Daddy... poor thing. I wish Daddy had been there too!

But Big Mo woke up in the morning all bright and chipper - ready to play and climb and besides needing some dental work and having a snagily scar under his lip... he will be just fine!

It looks like Morgan's photo album for the year will be a collection of pictures of him climbing, and then the pictures of him suffering the consequences... luckily he is one tough cookie.

So.... busy weekend. I am glad it is Monday, and I am looking forward to next weekend when we get to celebrate Morgan's 2nd Birthday... that is if we make it!

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