Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quick Update

Well, it has been a crazy week. Jason started his new job in Baltimore, and I have been sick. There was a wicked thunderstorm the other night that caused major traffic and angst yesterday and the whole town is behind on things today. What better time than to procrastinate the work-thing, and do a little blogging...

In Wier-land, all is well. Morgan's nanny Isabel is an absolute angel, and has been working to potty-train him. I have pointed out that he is not even 2 yet, but she is bound and determined to get him into "big-boy-pants" asap. Not that I blame her... but it may be a long haul. In other Morgan/Isabel related news: Morgan's spoken vocabulary is expanding and he is equally verbal in both English and Spanish -- although if you ask him to say "por favor" -- he looks at you and says "PLLLEEEZE!" -- which both means he is stubborn and completely understands. His other words include, "si," "hola," "gracias," "aqua," "la leche," and "queso," "la cabeza" and the expected "grandpa," "grandma," "mama," "dada," "bath," "juice," "cheese," "night-night," "play," "Nate," "ball," "bye-bye," "baby" and his favorite: "no"... and a bunch of others that are not really all that clear yet, so I am not sure they count. He talks A LOT - but I don't understand much of it. I just don't know if it is jibberish, or spanglish. He however seems to understand everything we tell him, responds to requests, sits in time out (a lot....), plays happily with his brother and eats just about anything en-masse. We are working on the words, and every day he figures something else out.

Nathan is growing like a weed himself. All his pants are too short and I have been letting it go since he will be in summer-shorts any day now and I hate to buy clothes when I know he will be out of them in just a week or so.

His report card for third quarter came back and he is doing quite well. He is reading above his grade level and seems to be great at science and engineering concepts and rocks his spelling tests each week too. He is taking on more responsibility at home and is now insisting that he make his own lunch for school. He is really getting into "popular culture" things and lamented the other day that that the "Black-Eyed Peas" won the Kid's Choice Awards instead of "Big Time Rush." oh my....

But, Nate is not growing up too fast either... he is very much looking forward to a visit to Florida for Easter and I had to assure him the Easter bunny will be informed -- he was worried. :)

My boys are good kids and I am so lucky...

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