Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Does Momo Know? and... Countdown to Vacation!

I am on vacation!

Well, technically I am not on vacation for 5 more days. Nathan still has school for 4 days. I have meetings and work that must be done this week. But in my head... I am on vacation already. I have checked out.


Memorial Day came and went with plenty of swimming and family time and today the temperature is supposed to be 100 degrees of lovely Carolina awesomeness. It is hard to do anything outside because it is so hot and it is too nice outside to do anything inside. Which is perfect because "nothing" is exactly what I want to do.

Nathan's science fair is this afternoon and his project "Does Momo Know" is a study on how humans learn new facts. Also known as: "Will Morgan sit still long enough to have Nathan teach him his colors?" Conclusion: Test subject has a hard time focusing on one thing long enough to absorb information as it is presented. (However, when he says "purple" it is about the cutest thing I have ever heard.) I think Nate will get an "A." He worked very hard and practiced his presentation for a week. The other kids made volcanos -- or rockets -- or poisoned plants. Nathan chose a project where he could play with his baby brother. That makes me super proud.

On Saturday we leave for a much-deserved and anticipated week at the beach with my sisters + families, + parents. We will have 15 people this year  -- and I can't wait. I will take LOTS of pictures.

Note to self: Buy aloe.
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