Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September -- POOF summer is gone.

Well - we had a fantastic summer with a lot of great activities - but it went by so quickly. Morgan is now officially 2 and a half and has the attitude to prove it. Now *nearly potty trained and *almost 100% verbal, the child is a dynaMO - pun intended. He likes to do everything his big brother does and the first time he realizes he is a lot younger and therefore not allowed to do what Nathan is doing--we will have one sad kid. Morgan's Spanish skills are crazy-good, at least in that he understands anything said to him in Spanish, and he often will speak back in Spanish, even when spoken to in English. Either we have to completely confused the poor child, or we've done him a huge favor. Time will tell!

Jason has taken to riding his bike with Morgan on the back -- and MO just LOVES it. Nate peddles along side and has built up quite the athletic physique with soccer and his regular outdoor activities. Nathan is doing well in second grade and is busy with soccer, boyscouts and piano lessons.

We went on an overnight family camping trip with the boy scouts a couple weeks ago. That was a ton of fun and I thank engineers for developing better tents ad air mattresses - two things not available when I went camping with the girl scouts years ago. Of course, back then I did not have to worry about sharing a tent with a 2-year-old who was having trouble sleeping! Note to self - get two tents next time or leave Mo with the grandparents!

Jason is working a couple 4-day stints a month is Baltimore, but is working at home a lot more, and it is wonderful to have him around to play with the boys and spoil me. His job is going well and in his spare time he has developed a phone app. - Very cool, details to follow after the patent process is done :)

My business is going well and I am enjoying the current schedule with 3 hard-core work days followed by 4 days at home with the boys on most weeks. My training for the triathlon has come to a close... since it is in 3 days! I am very much looking forward to completing that race, hopefully in less time than last year!

The weather here in Charlotte is FANTASTIC  - and this week has been no exception. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Most days I work from a picnic table outside and know that I am probably one of the luckiest people in the world as far as that goes. I do wish we had more friends here though... so I am working on that one.

Jason and I are planning a November getaway to Vegas, which we are looking forward to. I will post some pics when I get a chance!

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