Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall 2011 Update

Based on the number of photos on my phone, it must be time to update this blog! Below is a pic from the triathlon I ran in September. No great time to record, but I did finish--and that was no small feat. As you can see from the wetsuit, I had to don this sexy outfit to avoid freezing in the lake. It was a very cold day. As it turned out, the lake was not as bad a getting out of the lake! Note that the pic is blurry. That is because my friend Peg is holding the camera and shaking because it was so cold. Have I mentioned it was COLD?!
 Next year I will have to focus more on my running. My swimming is decent (or rather... awesome) and my biking is what it is (slow, but hard to improve unless I commit more time than there is in a season)---but my running has LOTS of room for improvement. As in, I could actually run. I make the motions of running, I breathe like someone who is running, but toddlers could pass me. In fact, everyone passes me. So... it is good to know what I need to work on!

Ah yes, the boys making crazy faces in their Steelers gear! It seems that Nathan has taken to crazy faces. It could be because he is currently missing 5 teeth from that adorable little face of his and he is compensating. Who knows. Note that Morgan is blurry in this and most other pics because he never stops moving.

 Except when he is drinking chocolate milk... then I can take a dozen good pictures of this little cherub.
We took the boys to get pumpkins... and yes, we live in a place where you can pick pumpkins in shorts and short sleeves... gotta love that.

 Nate has improved his soccer skills whilst testing my getting-mud-out-of-soccer-clothes skills.
 For Halloween I was really inspired by that cute car commercial where the little kid is dressed up like Darth Vader and uses "the force" to turn on his dad's car -- anyway, my Darth Vader was so supped up on sugar his normal inability to sit still was worsened 10-fold. I got no good pictures of Darth Vader. It just was not meant to be!
 Nathan wanted to be a ninja for Halloween. He was super cute as usual and despite my bad photography here you can see he is amped up and ready to go hunt down some candy.

Here is one of smiley-Mo with a half-a-grandma head! That is the blondest kid I have ever seen. The innocent look will suit him well and likely get him out of some of the trouble he is sure to get into.

Another crazy Nate-face as the boys enjoy the neighborhood bounty that is now theirs, (or, rather mine as I consume about 1000 calories in candy while I blog!)

That is about it here. Jason and I are off to Las Vegas for a little R&R at the end of this week. We are very much looking forward to getting away and letting loose a little before I start my new job on the 9th.

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