Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wier Family: The Holiday Update

What we did, where we went and general bragging about the kids


Both Jason and I are in new jobs this year. Jason is working for a company called Linium, out of NY, but he has been on contract for Constellation Energy in Baltimore. He travels every other week, and while the early morning and late night flights aren’t very fun, he has built up a nice amount of hotel and airline mileage which we used to have some stellar vacations this year.

I started a new job a couple weeks ago with MicroD, Inc. I am still getting used to going and working for a company, instead of freelancing, but it has been great so far. I am looking forward to the continuous challenge and learning new stuff—and I have a renewed appreciation for having a great team to work with!

Nathan and Morgan are doing great! Nate is in second grade and has taken to reading in such a way that just amazes Jason and I. It is not unusual for Nathan to read a 250-page chapter book in a night, forgoing sleep to finish it. Nathan is a sweet and energetic kid, who played soccer this year, took piano, dance lessons, and loves boy scouts. Nate does well in every subject at school—especially spelling, and while we have no idea where he gets that talent, we are so proud of him.

Morgan is 2 and a half and doing all the age appropriate things one would expect from a boy his age—including getting into just about everything and channeling a trapeze artist at all opportunities. He is learning new things every day and chats away in both English and Spanish. We don’t know what the next year will hold for Mo, but I am sure it will be an adventure.

Jason turned 40 in March and I tried very hard to surprise him with the trip of a lifetime. Well, I did not surprise him (he is hard to surprise and I can’t keep a secret), but I was able to arrange a pretty awesome party in Vegas with some good friends.

This summer we had a great trip to the beach with my sisters, their husbands and kids, and mom and dad. Quick breakdown: 10 adults, 6 kids… three of whom were 2, packed into a beach house. It was a wonderful family vacation filled with the usual excess of failed naps, a high laptop to adult ratio, sandy shoes and sunburns and great family cooking.

Jason and I spent a nice anniversary in Cancun where we enjoyed some of the most amazing scenery and some great adventuring (jungle tour, cave snorkeling, zip lines). It was a nice getaway to celebrate 13 years.

Then most recent trip was a 5-day Vegas vacation where we indulged in amazing food at the equally amazing Cosmopolitan Hotel courtesy of Jason’s Marriot points. We caught a little bit of the World Poker Tour final table, a fun show and took a helicopter flight over the strip. It was super fun!

For this Christmas we will be going down to Florida to visit Jason’s parents and brothers. We are looking forward to spending some great family time to wrap up this wonderful fun and family-filled year!


We want to stay in touch throughout the year, so feel free to connect with us on Facebook or our Family Blog. We post pics of the kids and updates on everything from the profoundly mundane to the amazingly magnificent on a fairly regular basis – ok mostly mundane… but it is still good stuff!

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